A new vision for Cana?

Written by: Hani Billan Posted on: June 23, 2011 Tagged: Hani Billan Cana Cana of Galilee Christian HolyLand Foundation Holy Land Israel Arab christians CHLF Arab Christian Christian Christianity Church Galilee Blog: Stories from the Galilee

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A Note from Hani Billan in Cana...

One day the Lord laid our church on my heart and I poured my own heart out before Him and was filled with His presence and I felt in my spirit that the heart of the Lord longs that we as a church start with a new revival and urge every church to witness and evangelize because there is work for the Lord and plenty of harvest.

After a while brother Ibrahim came and shared with me that the Lord had given him a burden and it was the same as what the Lord had been speaking to me about. How great is the Lord's work and His spirit that affirms His children because a week after this a minister called me and told me that in their church prayer meeting, the Lord had spoken to one of the sisters there and put me and my wife before her telling her that He was bringing great harvest to our church and that something is about to happen. He told me she was surprised because she hadn't seen us in a while and we don't have a strong relationship between us and this lady, but we thank the Lord for His confirmation.

We shared this with the church and they were encouraged and we are still praying to understand what the Lord is speaking about. And at the same time I am teaching a series on the church and this is the time we are talking and urging one another to evangelize and witness, so glory to the Lord. Please pray for the church and this vision.

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