A Shouting Generation

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a few weeks ago I had the privilege to be a part of something unique. I was asked to help at a worship training camp. This is the second year they hold this training camp, and I love that something like this is being done. I remember growing up I was figuring out things on my own with little direction from others. Unfortunately, over the years things did not improve much. Beyond the personal interest of someone to learn an instrument, which is rare these days, not much had been offered in order to develop and advance worship.

The training camp is called “Dor Haba” in Hebrew, which means “Next Generation.” It is run by “Succat Hallel” (Tent of Worship) which is the house of prayer in Jerusalem. I had the honor to be a part of something wonderful a few years ago when I trained a few young people in the church of Cana. Now there is a worship team that has a drummer, an acoustic guitarist, pianist and electric guitar/bass. I’m working on doing the same in my home church, Eilabun, but in the mean time I rely on some of the Cana guys as well as two from the church in Tura’an.


The Arab worship team was form from youth from the Galilee including some of our team members' children

The youth from Cana and Tura’an were at the training camp and it was fun to work with them as a team. I worked with some of them in the electric guitar classes, we worshipped together during worship meetings and we got closer than before. But my proudest, and most emotional, moment was seeing them on stage leading worship in front of 150 other youth from all over the country. I cried, they cried, and it was yet another divine reassurance that the future and unity of the church in the Galilee is in good hands!

The training camp had young people from all over the country and for many backgrounds. We sang worship in Hebrew, Arabic and English. It was wonderful to connect with others despite the political and historical disagreements and realize how important it is to be one undivided body. It was also wonderful to me to have the chance to share my heart about worship one night with everyone in Arabic. It was important to the people in charge of the training camp to have someone share a message in Arabic. I shared about worshipping when everything is wrong.

Honestly, worship in our churches is not bad. The heart behind worship is what matters most, but in the same heart we should seek to give Him more. The sharper our skills are the more glory we are able to give Him. I am glad that the young people are rising up to the challenge to take the future church to places it’s never been. And I am ever so humbled to have had a small part of the preparation of a generation that will shout His praises!


Majd sharing in a song writing workshop


Majd sharing a message about worship in hard times


Praying before practice


The Arab youth participating in the training camp and counselors from the House of Prayer in Nazareth

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