Another Board Member Visits Our Galilee Team

Written by: Majd Shufani Posted on: August 14, 2017 Blog: Stories from the Galilee

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Last week one of our CHLF board members, Joe Grana visited the Galilee with his wife Linda and met with our team members. Joe is dean and professor of Church Ministry at Hope International University (HIU) in California. Joe and Linda were in Egypt before coming to Israel where, on behalf of HIU, he participated in graduation ceremonies for more than 150 students through their international program. Then they made their way to Israel and arrived Monday night.

Joe has visited the team before. His last visit was about three years ago. Back then he did some teaching with the team as well as in the churches. He was also involved in HIU setting up an international Masters program with the Nazareth Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS), which today is called the Nazareth Evangelical College, and he brought students with him for summer classes in Nazareth.

His visit this year was much appreciated by all team members, and he is the fifth board member to visit within the last year or so. These visits are very important to us at CHLF as they strengthen the bond between two very passionately ministry-focused sides that are thousands of miles away! We thank God that He made it possible for members of the same Body of Christ that are distant from each other to be partners in His ministry in the Galilee.

Grana with Eid

Arriving at the apartment and greeted by Hanna and Lina and the daughters

Before having a meal with Bshara and Randa and the family


Joe visiting the church meeting place in Bei'ne

Meeting with the team members from Cana, Hani and Shifa, Ibrahim and Ekhlas

Joe and Lina meeting with our Galilee team leader, Saleem Hanna, and his wife Andera in Nazareth

Joe sitting in the Moses Seat at the synagogue in Capharnaum, the seat of a teacher indeed

Saying goodbye to Joe and Linda at the airport in Tel-Aviv

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