From Hani & Shifa in Cana

Written by: Hani Billan Posted on: July 22, 2011 Tagged: devotion Hani Billan Cana Cana of Galilee Arab christians CHLF Christian HolyLand Foundation Arab Christian Church Christian Christianity Galilee Blog: Stories from the Galilee

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Glory to God. When we obey the Lord and continue on without delay, the Lord will harness not only everyone but nature also and will bring the oppressors for the benefit of His people who trust in His goodness and who depend on Him. Yes there are people oppressing us, financial hardships - yes, the economic situation is in decline – yes, … but our confidence is in the God who ordered us with His hand so let's keep climbing the mountain in faith that God will change all things to our benefit. Let us not despair because the Lord of glory is the captain of our ship and He is the One who prepared us for His service. Amen.

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