History Made: The First Evangelistic Event In Beine

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The Galilee is a very interesting region in the North of the Holy Land. There are many villages scattered all over, mostly Arab villages, and some are separated from the next one by a street. But crossing the street to the other side can bring you into a whole different culture, tradition, even dialect. The challenges our team of pastors face can change simply by where their feet land. Bshara and Randa, for example have been trying to plow a very rough patch.

Bshara and Randa, one couple of our team of pastors, have been ministering in a small village in the upper Galilee called Beine (or Bi'ne). Over the years they faced many challenges, and continue to, but they never gave up fighting their battles on their knees. This year the Lord answered the prayers with a breakthrough: for the first time ever in this small village an evangelistic event will be held. Needless to say, their excitement was through the roof!

Of course, the church they pastor in Beine (photo below) meets at least once a week, and those are always 'evangelistic', but they've never seen anything like what happened last weekend in this heavily Muslim village.

The regular meeting of the church at Beine, pastored by Bshara and Randa Khazen.

The local community center was made available for them to host this event. It filled up with people from Beine and near-by villages as well. Among the attendees was Beine's mayor, Abbas Al-Titi, as well as several of the local pastors, including from the CHLF Team. A local singer, Jihad Eilabuni, led worship and shared his testimony. Pastor Nizar Shaheen, a well known televangelist from Cana (and broadcasting via satellite from Canada for more than twenty years), shared the gospel and several people made decisions for the Lord. We know that God is on the move, and this first-of-its-kind evangelistic event is a reassurance of what God intends to do in the small village of Beine.

CHLF's Bshara Khazen organized the event and welcomed all the visitors.

Jihad Eilabuni led worship and shared his Testimony.

The Mayor of Beine welcomed the visitors to the village's community center and wished them well.

A dear friend of the CHLF ministry, Nizar Shaheen, preached the Gospel message.

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