Who Are We to the Father, Son & Holy Spirit?

Written by: Hani Billan Posted on: October 20, 2011 Tagged: devotion Hani Billan Arab christians CHLF Christian HolyLand Foundation Arab Christian Christian Christianity Israel Holy Land Cana Cana of Galilee Blog: Stories from the Galilee

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A devotional thought from Pastor Hani Billan in Cana of the Galilee...

We want to thank the Lord Jesus for His goodness and grace for us though many times we forget His mercies for us because of the challenges and pressures we go through but He remains yesterday, today and forever to be faithful and just. Through my study and preparation from the Bible, the trinity caught my attention: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit and what that means to us as believers.

  1. What am I in the Father? I am a son.
  2. What am I to the Son (the Lord Jesus)? I am a disciple.
  3. What am I to the Holy Spirit? I am the temple of the Holy Spirit.

The clarification of this expression gave me spiritual stability and assurance in the circumstances we are facing. We have an heavenly father regulator and ruler of all things and we are disciples to the greatest teacher and we are a temple for the presence of God in our bodies that move and are for the glory of His great name. May we always have comfort and blessing as we meditate on this truth.

Yes we are all undergoing challenges and difficulties and hindrances, but when we remember that God is our Father and we are His children, we are calmed and regain our strength because we all know how much our children mean to us and how we care a lot for them, and so also does our heavenly Father care for us and even much more. And when we face frustration and questioning, the Lord Jesus comes to teach us and disciple us to make us realize that He is walking through with us and we can learn from Him how to deal with these circumstances and how He will take us to the other side safely, but with new growth and greater maturity.

And also His spirit which dwells within us testifies with us to encourage us and comfort us. So glory to the Lord who turns all things to our good, for He is our good shepherd, the one whom our hearts love and the source of our trust.

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