Stories from the Galilee

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A new vision for Cana?

Written by: Hani Billan Posted on: June 23, 2011 Tagged: Hani Billan Cana Cana of Galilee Christian HolyLand Foundation Holy Land Israel Arab christians CHLF Arab Christian Christian Christianity Church Galilee

We shared this with the church and they were encouraged and we are still praying to understand what the Lord is speaking about. And at the same time I am teaching a series on the church and this is the time we are talking and urging one another to evangelize and witness, so glory to the Lord. Please pray for the church and this vision.

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Jews & Arabs seeking unity in the Christ

Written by: Saleem Hanna Posted on: September 26, 2009 Tagged: Saleem Hanna Arab christians CHLF Christian HolyLand Foundation Arab Christian Christian Christianity Galilee Nazareth Israel Holy Land

The two main aims of this retreat are one, for the leadership of the congregations to take two full days (beginning noon on Tuesday and finishing noon on Thursday) off of their responsibilities and duties and come to take the time to sit at the feet of Jesus, worship praise and pray with each other, for each other and for our country and issues that face our ministry in this country.

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