Below are current prayer requests from our ministry team in the Galilee.

Saleem and Andera Hanna - Nazareth

We are seeing wonders as the Lord moves in our churches and communities. The power of prayer is absolute and we are so humbled that we have partners like yourselves praying for us. Please be in prayer for the VBS ministry this summer. Pray for special wisdom for us in ministry as we embark on a busy outreach journey of opportunities this Summer.

Hani & Shifa Billan

Hani and Shifa Billan - Cana of Galilee

Please pray for our VBS which starts on the 17th of this month. We've seen God touch the hearts of many children in the past and we trust He will continue to do so this year too. Also pray for us as a family to be steadfast through the ministry.

Ibrahim & Ekhlas Sadran

Ibrahim and Ekhlas Sadran - Cana of Galilee

Please pray for special wisdom for us and our children as we participate in many ministries this summer including VBS. Also for a time of rest for the family even during the busiest of times.

Hanna & Lina Eid

Hanna and Lina Eid - Eilabun

Please pray for the VBS we are holding in Eilabun which starts on the 10th. We've found favor in the eyes of the local authority and the people of our village, and God has been opening doors. Pray that we will be strong throughout, and for wisdom for our counselors. Also, in the coming few weeks we will be baptizing eight people. Pray that they will continue to grow in His knowledge and be effective in His Kingdom.

Bshara & Randa Khazen

Bshara and Randa Khazen - Beine

We are very focused on the VBS we are holding at our church. Every year we face a huge challenge which is the lack of space to hold the VBS. The space that was graciously made available to us by a lady in the church needs a lot of work to get ready before we can use it. Please pray for strength to get it in full working order and for the resources to be made available.

Elias & Rose Obeid

Elias and Rose Obeid - Tura'an

We are still following up with the fruit from the Mother's Day Celebration. More doors are open and pray with us that these new people who came to know Jesus will continue to grow strong in Him. Pray for strength as we continue to minister to these women and their husbands around the Galilee. Also pray for the annual "Looking with New Eyes" program which will be held on December 2nd. Pray for new encounters for these women and resolutions that will grow His Kingdom.

You can download a printable copy of these prayer requests here July17.pdf