Holiday Youth Conference

The Holiday Youth Conference started in 2014 as a conference for young people from churches all over the Holy Land. The Lord is moving mightily among young people and He is preparing a generation that will boldly proclaim His truth. The first conference was held in Bethlehem with about 200 young attendees. Since then we have seen growth among the youth from one conference to another. We believe in preparing the next generation that will carry the baton for years to come.

This year's conference we went back to Bethlehem after hosting the conference in the Galilee for the two years prior. This allowed for more young people from Palestine and the West Bank area to participate. In the past the conference went three days and two nights, but this year we added one more night to allow more time for the youth to get to know each other. The Lord showed up in a marvelous way, and we are witnessing the impact it had on the lives of the young people in our churches.

We had such a blessed time at the annual Christmas Youth Conference during the first week of January. This is something the young people have been looking forward to for a whole year. Since we started this conference in 2014, we’ve seen the Lord grow the youth as well as those of us in leadership roles. This year we had 150 young people and staff at the conference from around the Galilee and the West Bank

It is evident that the Lord is doing something different with this generation. When we look at the young people as they worship we are constantly reassured; this is a generation that will take the Gospel to places never before reached. It is such an honor to be a part of such a ministry.