Youth Conference

We had such a blessed time at the annual Christmas Youth Conference during the first week of January. This is something the young people have been looking forward to for a whole year. Since we started this conference in 2014, we’ve seen the Lord grow the youth as well as those of us in leadership roles. This year we had 150 young people and staff at the conference from around the Galilee and the West Bank.

One of this year’s attendees from Ramallah expressed his particular joy for being able to attend this event in northern Israel. When the first conference was held in Bethlehem he was able to attend there, but due to the unrest in our region last year he was not able to obtain a permit to cross the checkpoints into Israel. We were very happy to see him again and to fellowship and worship together with him, as well as extending to him guidance and discipleship.

It is evident that the Lord is doing something different with this generation. When we look at the young people as they worship we are constantly reassured; this is a generation that will take the Gospel to places never before reached. It is such an honor to be a part of such a ministry.