Below are current prayer requests from our ministry team in the Galilee.

Saleem & Andera HannaSaleem and Andera Hanna - Nazareth

It is that time for us to plan and get ready for our annual youth conference. It has been a strong point of the conference to be able to financially subsidize the conference making it easier for the young people and university students to attend. As we face financial challenges as a ministry this becomes a greater challenge for us. Please pray for guidance and instruction for us as we make the plans and decide on location, program, speaker and all other arrangements.

We also ask you to pray for the financial provision for us, the team, to hold this blessed event for three nights, like last year, and to be able to host it all.

Hani & Shifa Billan

Hani and Shifa Billan - Cana of Galilee

We thank the Lord for the blessing that our children have been in our lives and as partners with us in ministry. Our son, Naaman, just graduated from high school and is praying about the next phase in his life. He seeks to honor God in whatever comes next and always. Please keep him in your prayers as well as our daughter Marlain. She is applying again for a visa to go to England for a Discipleship Training School with Youth With a Mission. We are so proud of our children who love the Lord and want to do something about it.

Ibrahim & Ekhlas Sadran

Ibrahim and Ekhlas Sadran - Cana of Galilee

Our eldest, Heba, just returned from the USA where she spent some time developing her musical skills, all the while seeking God’s direction for higher education. She will be attending university beginning this year seeking a degree in Music Therapy. She has a dream of actively impacting the lives of children, especially those who need therapy.

Also, please pray for our daughter Rajaa’, who, too, is seeking God’s direction for higher education. She just graduated from high school and has to take a government exam that will be a deciding factor as to what subjects she’ll be able to study. She dreams of becoming a medical doctor. Please pray for our daughters as they take strides towards their future. They both want to honor God in all they do especially their future occupation.

Hanna and Lina Eid - Eilabun

We thank the Lord for the VBS we had this Summer. We had about 75 children come and we had such a wonderful time with them. At the celebration we hold at the end of the VBS a mother, who is the wife of a deacon at the Catholic church, approached me and thanked us for the effort we put into the program. She said that all her three children who attended the VBS felt God’s love through the staff, and they were touched by the songs and Biblical stories they heard. Please pray for the children that the seed that was planted in their hearts will continue to grow. And pray that the parents would be receptive to God’s love through their children.

Bshara & Randa Khazen

Bshara and Randa Khazen - Beine

We thank the Lord for the great work He’s done through this year’s Summer revival. We thank Him for He is faithful and good to us and He showed His greatness at the Vacation Bible School as well. We truly believe that giving thanks is much greater than prayer requests. We had a time of asking for prayer for the revival and the VBS, but now we thank Him for hearing your prayers! Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to look for a new place for our church to meet in. This has become a very pressing matter and it needs to happen before year’s end.

Elias & Rose Obeid

Elias and Rose Obeid - Tura'an

Around this time every year we start preparations for the annual Seeing With New Eyes event. Where the Mother’s Day Celebration is large scale and inviting, Seeing With New Eyes is more intimate and personal. It aims at following up on the decisions women made for the Lord and making new resolutions for the new year. Please pray for us for wisdom, strength and creativity to help women take further steps in their walk with the Lord. Also, please pray for provision for this event. We hope to make it accessible to as many women as possible.

You can download a printable copy of these prayer requests here August_2018.pdf