Below are current prayer requests from our ministry team in the Galilee.

Saleem & Andera HannaSaleem and Andera Hanna - Nazareth

Praise God for blessing us with what would be the best Holiday Youth Conference in the four that we have held. His presence was evident and we are excited to see how the Lord will continue to fulfill His work in them.

Pray with us for wisdom to know how to follow up with these leaders of tomorrow to grow into the full stature of the Lord.

The Lord blessed us as He provided for this conference, and we actually held a conference and a half this year (1 night over what we did in the past) and as we grow the expenses also grow, so we request that you pray with us that the Lord will also provide to cover the shortage in funds.

Hani & Shifa Billan

Hani and Shifa Billan - Cana of Galilee

Our visits to the hospitals during Christmas time was very special, and the Lord moved in the hearts of those we met as well as our hearts. Recently, the Lord is putting it on our hearts to do ministry at the hospital to pray for the sick and minister to them. Please pray for the Lord to open the door for this ministry, and to give us the strength and wisdom to carry his peace and hope to whomever we might meet through this ministry.

Ibrahim & Ekhlas Sadran

Ibrahim and Ekhlas Sadran - Cana of Galilee

Our daughter, Heba, will be traveling to the USA soon as she seeks to improve her piano playing skills. She plays the piano in the church in Cana and she wants to honor God in music and worship. Please pray for protection and God’s guidance through this period of time as she seeks to walk in His will. Also, please pray for our children as they head back to school as well as for Ekhlas who is back to teaching. Please keep our discipleship groups in your prayers and pray for us for wisdom as we lead the youth ministry and counseling ministry.

Hanna and Lina Eid - Eilabun

Last month the Lord blessed us with a special Christmas present, our fourth precious daughter, Joy. We praise the Lord that Lina and the baby are both in very good health. Please pray that they both remain healthy and for the Lord to give us special strength to continue doing ministry while growing a healthy family. One of the challenges we are currently faced with is the need for a bigger can that will meet the families need as the car we currently have is no longer enough. We also ask you to pray with us for a land for the church. We have been renting for a very long time and it has always been a challenge. Pray with us that the Lord will provide the right land, in the right time and for it to be the beginning of stability and security for the congregation.

Bshara & Randa Khazen

Bshara and Randa Khazen - Beine

The church’s youth came back from the Holiday Youth Conference very encouraged and joyful. Please pray for them to continue to grow with the Lord and to know him more and more. Also, please continue to pray with us that the Lord will provide a land for us so we can finally build a church building and have a place to meet.

Elias & Rose Obeid

Elias and Rose Obeid - Tura'an

We are thankful for all the Lord has been doing in among the women in the Galilee and for raising many leaders among them. We are preparing for this year’s Mother’s Day Celebration, which will be held on the 17th of March in Eilabun. Every year we have women from different religious background come to the celebration and it is wonderful to us to see the Lord move beyond anything we could do in our strength. Please pray that this year will have new women come and for them to meet the Lord and make a decision for Him. And pray that the Lord will give us more wisdom as this even is growing from one year to another.

You can download a printable copy of these prayer requests here January_2018.pdf