Below are current prayer requests from our ministry team in the Galilee.

Saleem & Andera HannaSaleem and Andera Hanna - Nazareth

We are excited about the 'Holidays Youth Conference' which will be held the first week of January. We have seen many lives change through this annual conference and we are eager to see what the Lord has in store for this year. As we finalize the preparations for the conference, please pray for everything to go well and for more young people to come this year, and for His name be glorified through it all.

Hani & Shifa Billan

Hani and Shifa Billan - Cana of Galilee

Our car broke down a few weeks ago and it is beyond repair. Please pray that we find a car soon that meets both the need of our family as well as the ministry. Also, pray for our daughter, Nour, who starts college this year. Also, our other daughter, Marlain, just graduated from high school and is taking some time to prepare for her higher education. Please pray for direction for her in her education as well as her call to ministry.

Ibrahim & Ekhlas Sadran

Ibrahim and Ekhlas Sadran - Cana of Galilee

As school begins pray for our children that they honor God in both living a life that testifies of His love and through their grades. Also, pray for Ekhlas, who is a school teacher, that as she teaches she will find grace in the eyes of her students. Our eldest daughter, Heba, who graduated from high school and seeking higher education. She is seeking God's will for her education, so please pray for His guidance.

The Lord is opening many doors for us and we are following up with several new believers. We are discipling them and we've found grace in their eyes to give them counsel. We are also releasing young people in ministry so pray for wisdom for both us and the young leaders of the future.

Hanna and Lina Eid - Eilabun

We are very thankful and excited about Cody and Sharayah Isaacson who will be staying in Eilabun for the next 8 months through an internship program. Please pray for them and for us, as the local church, to be a blessing to each other and to be effective workers in His Kingdom.

Also, please pray for the women’s ministry, Sunday School and youth ministry which will recommence during the coming weeks.

We are baptizing 7 people on Saturday the 16th, most of which are young people. Pray that this baptism will be a witnessing opportunity and an encouragement to the church members.

Bshara & Randa Khazen

Bshara and Randa Khazen - Beine

Our meeting place has been growing smaller and smaller every week, and now we are in a dire need for a new location. Please pray that we will find a new location that will enable us to continue holding our church meetings. Also, recently, ministry has been taking more of our time and effort, pray that we have wisdom to do ministry wholeheartedly while balancing ministry and family healthily.

Elias & Rose Obeid

Elias and Rose Obeid - Tura'an

We are in the final stages of preparation for the annual 'Renewed Vision' program on the 2nd of December. The focus of this program is for the women, some of whom came to the Lord through the Mother’s Day Celebration, to make new decisions and making commitments before the Lord as we approach a new year. Please be in prayer for the attendees and for special wisdom for us.

You can download a printable copy of these prayer requests here September17.pdf