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Growing Christian Communities in the Holy Land

Working through Arabic-speaking congregations and pastors, CHLF focuses on evangelism, church planting, discipleship, reconciliation, relief and development ministries in Israel and Palestine while promoting education and advocacy programs in the United States about the issues concerning the Holy Land.

CHLF exists to empower, encourage, disciple, grow Christian communities in the Holy Land.


Have questions about Israel, Palestine, or engaging with Muslims? Let us come educate and inspire your group.


Go with experts, learn from locals, experience the Holy Land like never before. 


Join CHLF in partnering with local church leaders to share the Gospel in the Holy Land.

For over 35 years the Christian HolyLand Foundation has worked to support local believers in Israel, Palestine and the broader HolyLand as well as to educate and advocate for the issues concerning them to our friends and supporters in the United States.


Before Israel was founded, the Holy Land was 10% Christian. Today less than .2% of the population are evangelical believers. CHLF works entirely through local, Arabic-speaking pastors and believers to develop, grow, and sustain Christian communities in Israel and Palestine.


Join us in bringing the Gospel to the Holy Land

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