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For over 35 years the Christian HolyLand Foundation has been focused on educating and advocating for issues concerning Israel and Palestine, both in the Middle East and in the United States. Israel is a nation full of beautiful and traumatic history. It has been a place of great religious significance as well as great turmoil and suffering. CHLF wants to help bring grace, peace, understanding through Christ to this incredible land and its people. 


In the Middle East, CHLF works with local churches and pastors to disciple, encourage, and grow the local Christian community through evangelism, church planting, discipleship, relief and development ministries, and many more outreach programs.

In the United States, CHLF educates on and advocates for the many complex issues facing the Holy Land today. We offer programs for churches, small groups, or other ministries to help your church better understand these challenges. We also organize and provide trips to the Holy Land to help educate and advocate through travel by spending time in communities, providing authentic cultural engagement, showing the reality of peoples' daily lives and visiting biblical sites with experts, theologians, and historians.

The Christian HolyLand Foundation, Inc. (CHLF) operates in the United States as a 501(c)3 Charitable Organization as determined by the Internal Revenue Service. Documentation is available.

CHLF's ministry in Israel is through a partnership with a legally recognized Amuta (nonprofit organization) with oversight by a local board.

Board of Directors

Katy Lines • Indianapolis IN, Chair

Gary Bolenbaugh • Fishers IN, Treasurer

Timothy Ross • Johnson City TN, Secretary

Leslie Mattingly Bean • Johnson City TN

Dr. Heather Gorman, PhD • Knoxville, TN

Andy Johnson • Dallas TX

Matt Shears • Bellevue KY


Matt Nance • Knoxville TN, Executive Director

Majd Shufani • Turan Israel, Communications Manager

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