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This isn't just a tour. When you plan a trip with CHLF you'll go with experts, learn from locals, and experience the Holy Land like never before.  

There is no better way to see and experience the Holy Land than to join a CHLF sponsored trip. Get off the bus, eat some hummus, pick some olives, kick a soccer ball, share a meal, and join local worship services.

Our trips focus on spending time in local communities, authentic cultural engagement, learning the reality of the locals' daily lives, and of course, visiting the historic and biblical sites you've always read about.


Let God show you not only what He did here in the past, but what He's doing here now.

CHLF trips are only 15-20 people on average, providing lots of one-on-one time for you to learn from the experts, theologians, and local church leaders. 

Contact us directly to talk about putting a life-changing trip together for your group or join a trip that's already planned.

If you already have a trip planned with a tour company and would like to meet with our team on site, please contact us and we will be glad to arrange a meeting at your convenience.

How does it work?

It takes about a year to plan and recruit for a Pilgrimage. We begin by recruiting a host individual or couple. We work with the host to design the trip and begin recruiting participants. The host uses their relational network to get the word out about the trip and we help answer any questions. The host may want to do some or all of the on-site biblical teaching or leave it up to CHLF. Hosts travel at a heavily discounted rate depending on the size of the group. CHLF and tour partners handle all logistics, registrations, and finances. It is not necessary for hosts to be experienced in Holy Land trips, we’ll take care of everything. Through creative scheduling and clear priorities, our pilgrims enjoy the full Holy Land experience that others offer, PLUS the added value of personal interactions that will change you forever.

6 Reasons to Visit the Holy Land with CHLF

Small Group Size.

We believe that by keeping our groups to under 25 participants we have better opportunities to meaningfully engage the local culture and Christian community. Most Churches in Israel are small and a large group is overwhelming. Of course, most tours do not even engage with the local churches.

Believing Guides.

We work through a network of licensed guides who are also active in the local church because we believe a trip to the Holy Land should involve more than dead stones and souvenir shops. Our groups experience those, as well, but it’s all in the context of what God is doing today, not just the historical or academic.


CHLF has maintained ministries in the Holy Lands since the mid 1980s. Our pilgrimages play an important role in encouraging local believers, supporting Christians working in tourism, raising awareness of the local churches, and cultivating relationships and lasting prayer support for the Church in the Holy Land.



Pilgrimages are a part of our ministry to the US church. During the planning phase we’ll discuss the discipleship goals and priorities for your group. We’ll ask questions like, “How do you want the rest of your church to be positively impacted by this group’s travel to the Holy Land?” and “What areas of the participant’s faith do you want to impact through this trip?” or “How can this trip contribute to your church’s spiritual growth?” Every group is different and we’ll work together to design the trip that is best for you rather than taking an itinerary off a shelf.



The only reason we put energies into these trips is because we believe it is important for Believers to share life with Christians in other cultures. It opens understandings and opportunities for those living in the Land as well as for those visiting. The result is a better sense of the diversity and commonality of the Body of Christ. CHLF includes NO mark-up in the pricing; these trips are part of our ministries to the Church in the Holy Land as well as in the States.


Our Priorities.

Our missional pilgrimages are different than a typical Holy Land Tour.

  1. Authentic cultural engagement. We will spend some time off the tourist trail experiencing daily life in the Holy Land. We'll learn some new words, try some new foods, and spend a little time with today's Holy Land believers.

  2. Responsible missional engagement. We’ll worship alongside local believers and join them in their ministries. We’ll get a glimpse of what God is doing through His people today to redeem this place.

  3. Quality biblical teaching. The land has been called the 5th gospel for a reason. We’ll visit biblical sites and learn from experts. The words of the bible will be opened in front of us.

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