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There are multiple ways to engage with CHLF and our ministry in the Middle East. We would love to invite you to join us in growing Christian communities in the Holy Land. Here are three practical ways you can get involved. 



The issues facing Israel, Palestine and the Christian communities in the Middle East are centuries old, complex, and involve many moving parts that can be hard for the average layperson to understand. CHLF has been studying these issues for decades from experts, locals, and through personal experiences. As the only organization in the Restoration Movement in the US to be working on the ground in Israel, we bring a unique perspective to these issues facing Israel and Palestine.

We'd love the opportunity to come to your church, small group, or organization to share what we've learned, how these issues are impacting local churches and believers, and what you can do to join us in sharing the Gospel in the Holy Land. 

Many people take trips to the Holy Land each year, but none are quite like CHLF trips!

This isn't just a tour. You will learn, worship, and experience God through travel. Our trips focus on spending time in local communities, authentic cultural engagement, learning the reality of the locals' daily lives, and of course, visiting the historic and biblical sites you've always read about.

When you plan a trip with CHLF you'll go with experts, learn from locals, and experience the Holy Land like never before.  





Christian HolyLand Foundation operations solely on gifts and donations from churches, organizations and individuals like you. With your generosity, we are able to provide leadership to local churches and groups, including counseling, follow-up with new believers, and ministering to the sick. We're able to offer outreach and benevolence programs, assistance to those in need, training for the next generation of church leaders, and so much more.

With your partnership, we join together with the Christian communities of Israel and Palestine and bear witness to God's work of peace in the Holy Land.

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